Infinity Knits

where the love of knitting goes on and on and on.

Infinity Knits. Where truly beautiful materials comes together one stitch at a time.


About Me

Knitting is something that I have had a passion for as long as I can remember. It all started, as it often does, with a project for grade school and then I was hooked. I found knitting a perfect way to unwind (no pun intended). I am a very active person and knitting allowed me to quiet my body and my mind. At the same time I quickly found myself producing beautiful pieces. Small projects rapidly became afghans and then Aran sweaters, and then I combined the two.

It was when I began the search for high quality bulky and super bulky yarns to work with that Infinity Knits was born and where it continues to evolve one stitch at a time.

100% Handmade

My designs are handmade by yours truly. No factory knit items here. I pride myself with putting my love of knitting and design into each item that I create.


In the Rhythm of the Needles,
there is Music for the Soul
— Anonymous

Beautiful Things

The yarns that I work with are of the finest quality and when it comes to handmade knits, nothing compares to quality.

Wool from Finland is custom made for each of my designs. Hand made, in every sense; hand sheared, hand washed and combed, hand dyed and spun to my requirements which are ultimately yours.

For less bulky designs I use Wool which is 100% Highland Peruvian Merino and is slightly felted. This wool comes in a rainbow of colours and is absolutely beautiful to work with. 

I also have some beautiful handmade oversized, and I do mean oversized knitting, crochet and sewing needles crafted from pure Finnish Natural Pine. They are truly a work of art and make knitting with these bulky yarns a pleasure.