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Spring at my Front Door

Mary-Margaret Quennell

When given Lemons, make lemonade... well my solution to the Spring that doesn't seem to want to come is to create my own. On a grey and dreary day in April when it seemed that Winter was never going to leave Port Credit, I decided to take things into my own hands (as I so often do) and created my own little piece of warmth and sunshine. 


Happy little daffodils and pansies, it doesn't get any springier than that and what a welcome sight to come home to!


Being Canadian, I embrace all of our seasons. Each has it's own glorious attributes. Summer in Northern Ontario with the smell of pine and the gentle whispers of the wind in the trees. The smell of campfires and the sounds of the kids and the dogs splashing in the lake. Fall with its crisp mornings, amazing canvas of colour and family together to share all that we are Thankful for. Winter with its frozen landscape, perfect for the hockey in all of us, blowing snowstorms that leave us with the anticipation of snow days and snowmen and of course the warmth of our fingers wrapped around that cup of steaming goodness. 

Finally there is Spring, the awakening of all that has slept through the long cold winter. The tiny heads of flowers poking through the cold hard soil, a promise of all the wonderful things to come.

Welcome to Infinity Knits, a place where I can share all of the things in my life that I am passionate about... and there are a lot of things I am passionate about; my Family, Friends, fitness, jewellery design, paddling, cottaging, camping, all things sports that involve my boys, gardening, food, books and of course KNITTING.

With a very active and busy life, it is Knitting that I turn to for an opportunity to relax, create, explore and design. It is Knitting that stitches my life together.

I Look forward to sharing all of these passions with you. They make me who I am (for better or for worse) and they are what I draw my inspiration from! We already share the love of fabulous yarn and the want of something handmade with love, who knows how many other ways our passions will loop together. I for one am looking forward to finding out!